Embedded Systems High Frequency Data Logging using SPIFFs

The Problem: log entries need to be committed at a high frequency, but the performance of SPIFFS may decrease enough that it will be unable to commit incoming data in a timely manner, which may result in data loss.

The Solution: The several approaches Boston Engineering has compiled in this technical white paper!

In a recent project, the team implemented an embedded device that aggregates sensor data and stores it until it can be uploaded to a central server.

This document will discuss how we used the SPIFFS filesystem to enable storage of sensor data using a SPI Flash storage, with discussion of some challenges that were found during the process. 

Three Steps were used to increase Performance for Frequent writes:

  • Test and identify SPIFSS configuration with the best throughput for smaller amounts of data
  • Find best case throughput without using SPIFFS (for later comparison)
  • Introduce a buffer to queue several log entries at once

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Embedded SYstems HIgh Frequency Data Logging